The Crew

Wife to Jason, mom to Jena. I'm in my mid-thirties. Some days I feel much younger. Others I feel much older. I work full-time outside the home at a large international manufacturing corporation, as the primary administrative specialist in an engineering division. So basically I get paid to take care of 100 engineers on a regular basis. I kid. Sort of. I handle all of the administrative functions of the group: budget coordination, website administration, data management, software & systems support, blah, blah, blah. I wear about 50 different hats, and I wear them all well. Ha!

Husband to Jodi, dad to Jena. In his early-thirties, he's been a full-time firefighter for six years, and was a volunteer for three years prior to that. He is also a volunteer rescue & recovery diver for the local water rescue team, with eight years experience as a diver. A diesel technician by schooling, he became a certified Emergency Vehicle Technician (fixes fire trucks) in 2004, and currently works on his own, as he started his own business in 2010.

Daughter of Jodi & Jason. An energetic, but laid-back preschooler, her parents swear she's a genius. Jena attends preschool four days per week where she is thriving on the challenge. She loves music and dance, and loves all animals.

Jodi adopted Tucker from the local shelter in 2006, when the shelter staff were estimating his age at one year old. He's a little neurotic as cats go, and definitely has a few screws loose, but... he's ours.

picture by TM Photography
Jason got Buddy from a local farmer in 2005. He was originally believed to be a yellow lab / German Shepherd mix, but that determination never seemed to fit. After doing some research we realized that he is, most definitely, an Anatolian Shepherd mix. When Jodi came into the picture, Buddy quickly attached to her, and he is now "her" dog. The ultimate protector & defender of the "flock", he's as gentle as he is tough. We estimate his age to be around 12 years old.

Flopsy was originally purchased by Jason's ex-wife at a flea market (I know, I know...). Somehow, though, Jason ended up with "custody" in the divorce. He was originally described to be a full-blooded Chiahuahua, but... nah. We now believe him to be a chihauhau / rat terrier mix, and is approximately eight years old. He fits in amazingly with the big dogs, with little brother Chief as a playmate, and Buddy looking out for him at every turn.

Chief is a Shepherd-mix adopted as a puppy from a local rescue in 2012. Energetic and intelligent, he is now nearly as large as Buddy and adds quite a bit of fun to our little pack.


Maltese Cross (a.k.a "Molly")In Summer 2012 Buddy led me to a feral kitten in the woods that border our property. I estimated her age to be roughly 7-8 weeks old, with no mother nearby. After months of both working to calm her spirit as well as (unsuccessfully) find her a home, we made the decision to add her to our family. She is still skittish, but will cuddle with you (on her terms). She's proved to be quite the mouser, and so earns her keep as the newest addition to the Crew.
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